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On-line Payment Information

When will my payment be processed? Payments can be made at your own convenience, day or night. You will receive an automated receipt for any online payment transactions.

Is online buying safe? UK Falcons in association with PayPal have taken precautions to keep your credit card details safe and encrypted at all times using state-of-the-art encryption. UK Falcons and PayPal do not 'take' your credit card details, your card details are 'encrypted' at all times via https. When you pay online with us you will notice that the traditional website address that begins with "http", changes to "https", this means you are in a secure area. The address for a secure site will always begin with "https", do not process any on-line payments without this.

Technical: In technical terms we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) server technology as described above, to ensure that the card details transmitted from your computer via the secure server and then to our computer is fully encrypted. This removes the chance of someone being able to intercept and decrypt the information.

The Facts: The Internet offers the opportunity to bank and to shop in safety and at your own convenience. More than 15 million people in the UK now use the Internet to access their bank account, and 21 million regularly shop online. Using a computer is a very safe way for shopping and banking online.
More than seven out of ten Internet users have purchased something online. It is a safe and convenient way to carry out your shopping as the incidence of computer hackers stealing and using cardholder data from websites or during an online transaction is extremely slim. The majority of Internet card fraud involves a criminal obtaining genuine card details in the real world that are then used to shop online, not by hacking encrypted data.
You can be completely confident when making any online payments with us, your details are 100% encrypted in transit over a secure server. I hope our information above has furnished you with confidence that shopping online by "https" is not only very safe but convenient.

Delivery and Returns Policy

UK Falcons offer a returns policy that is fair and speedy. If you are not happy with any products, .... it is the wrong size, ..... the wrong specification or colour, you can simply return it to us using the same packaging, however we do not cover any return postage costs, you must pay for this. You must also notify us of the return by email within 5 working days. As per normal, we will refund you the total amount you paid including postage and packaging and you will refund us for packaging and postage to the minimum value of (£10.00) that we incurred when sending out your order. Please remember to send us the goods back via recorded delivery, and on receipt of the goods in perfect condition, we will refund the total cost you paid, less our postage and packaging cost of (£10.00). Please EMAIL US for your products return address.

Delivery of all falconry goods are set at the standard postage rate, which means that you will receive your goods within 5 working days of dispatch throughout Europe. If your address is outwith Europe, an additional charge must be put in place to cover secure delivery and international tracking, email us for a cost.

Special Delivery can be purchases separately for a quicker express service, please EMAIL US for a cost. All costs are paid in advance and are none refundable. All post is delivered by the Royal Mail / associated and contractual courier companies and therefore we cannot be held responsible for these 3rd party services, for example, late delivery, lost post etc.

Refunds UK Falcons will refund any money due to customers within 5 working days of receiving e-mail confirmation of the refund value agreed by UK Falcons and the customer.

Lost and Late Deliveries /Post can happen from time to time. UK Falcons will pursue the mail company for a refund of the postage cost and cost of the goods. UK Falcons cannot accept liability for late deliveries.