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2015 Falcons, Hawks and Owls.

UK, Scotland
Posted Jun 22, 2015 to Falcons

2015 parent bred, creche reared and imprints including: Great Grey, Snowy, Bengal and European Eagle Owls. Crested Caracaras and Red Kites. Red Tail Buzzard, Harris Hawks. Various imprinted

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2015 Goshawks

UK, South West, bristol
Posted Jun 15, 2015 to Hawks

3/4 Finnish/German & pure Finnish. 100% Fully Parent reared. The top bloodlines.

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Scottish Peregrine Falcons

UK, Scotland
Posted Jun 13, 2015 to Falcons

We are taking orders for: 2016 Scottish Peregrines / pure and hybrid, falcons and tiercels. 2016 Brookei / pure and hybrid, falcons and tiercels. Options: parent reared or imprints.

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Gyr / Peregrines and Gyr / Sakers for Sale

£1,000.00  | UK, Wales, Wales
Posted May 20, 2015 to Falcons

I have 2 female gyr/peregrine x 3/4 gyr 1/4 saker for sale . Very closed to a gyr/peregrine as you can. But bigger and more powerful £1000 each. Also: 1 male gyr/peregrine x 1/4 gyr 3/4 saker £40

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Harris Hawks for sale, Scotland

£260.00  | UK, Scotland
Posted May 04, 2015 to Hawks

Harris Hawks, 19 weeks old at end of this week, Full parent reared.. Male £260, Female £350, no time wasters please.

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Albidus Goshawks 2015

UK, North West
Posted Apr 13, 2015 to Hawks

Now taking orders for 2015 Alibidus Goshawks. We can supply pure white or silver, parent reared or imprint young.

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Female Redtail for sale

£350.00  | France, Centre
Posted Mar 30, 2015 to Hawks

2013 female for sale. Parent reared, perfect glove bird, agressive but a great hunter. Flies at 1,25Kg. Located close to Paris.

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Goshawks 2015

UK, North East
Posted Mar 22, 2015 to Hawks

German and Finnish Goshawks. John and Tony Owens are taking enquiries for Goshawks for 2015. We have been breeding and flying Goshawks for over 30 years

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Indian Eagle Owl. Harris Hawks

UK, Wales
Posted Jan 20, 2015 to Owls

Indian Eagle Owl, Male. 3 years old, originally Hand Reared. £100.00 Breeding pair Harris Hawks, not rung. £350.00 Bonded pair Harris Hawks, both have been flown previously, male 6yrs, female 3yrs.

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Pair of Little Owls

Posted Jan 17, 2015 to Hawks

Male and female, never bred, must now go to good home. I would prefer that the new owners have experience in keeping owls or birds of prey and are understood in what is required to look after them. Em

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Falcons for sale

£500.00  | UK, London
Posted Dec 31, 2014 to Falcons

I have male and female Falcons for sale. These Falcons are well trained and socialize with children and other home animals. If interested, please email me.

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Male and female Peregrine falcons for sale (Breeding pair)

Posted Nov 25, 2014 to Falcons

Adult peregrine falcons for sale. They are a proven breeding pair and have had several successful youngsters. All in perfect condition. Reason for sale: Downsizing on adults at the center Male 5 yea

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Ferrutail and Harris Hawk

UK, East England, Swaffham
Posted Nov 02, 2014 to Hawks

Female Ferrutail and Female Harris Hawk For sale, both in their 3rd season, excellent manners and condition. good hunters and have caught fur and feather. selling due to family and work commitments.

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Great Gray for Sale

£425.00  | UK
Posted Oct 18, 2014 to Owls

I am selling my Great Gray Owl as I have lost my male. She is 8 years old and a great bird, she has bred before and flown in displays. She needs to go to a good home please. Only people that have owls

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Golden Eagle male for sale

£2,000.00  | Other Country, Slovakia, Bratislava
Posted Sep 08, 2014 to Eagles

Golden Eagle male for Sale Weight on hand 3200g No imprint Held on hand with cap with CITES

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Breeding pair of Harris Hawks for sale

£400.00  | UK, Scotland, Edinburgh
Posted Aug 30, 2014 to Hawks

Proven pair of Harris Hawks for sale, both birds 11 years old so plenty of years left in them.

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Red Tail Buzzard

£425.00  | UK, Scotland, Inverness
Posted Aug 22, 2014 to Hawks

2014 male and females for sale. Parent reared, would be suitable for breeding and hunting These are good birds, aggressive but will fly at a good weight, does not need to be sharp to respond well to q

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gyrsaker 5/8 female imprint

£500.00  | UK, West Midlands, wednesbury
Posted Aug 17, 2014 to Falcons

I have a female gyr saker 5.8 imprint 5 year old.

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Wanted: Hobby Falcons

UK, South West
Posted Aug 14, 2014 to Falcons

Hobby Falcons, breeding pair or breeding female, 2 years old minimum. I can uplift in England, please let me know what you have or if you know somebody who breeds them, thanks.

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Saker Falcon Pair

£700.00  | UK, South West
Posted Aug 14, 2014 to Falcons

6 year old female saker, breeding bird with 7 year old male saker. Please email for further details. I do not want to split them up. Both have hunted and now breeding. May exchange.

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Canadian Great Horned Owl

£225.00  | UK
Posted Aug 14, 2014 to Owls

Mature Canadian Great Horned owl for sale, she was born in 1997. She is creche reared I believe and has a good personality, very steady on the glove and she loves to fly. Always fed on a variety of fo

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Hunting, Breeding Pair of Harris Hawks

£600.00  | UK, Scotland, Inverness
Posted Aug 14, 2014 to Hawks

Female 2008, male 2007, bred for a few years, flown and entered, fly in cast. Fully parent reared. Will not spilt up, they are a great breeding pair and have fun together, great birds. Concentrating i

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Redtail Buzzard

£400.00  | UK
Posted Aug 08, 2014 to Hawks

Redtail male for sale, 2010, parent reared, suitable for both hunting and breeding. Has taken F&F. Comes with bells and hood. Currently has tail mount. Please email me for info etc.

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Raven for sale, may exchange

£700.00  | UK
Posted Aug 04, 2014 to Other Raptors

Raven for display work, good character and very playful but could do with additional time spent etc. New home wanted. Would be good for falconry school or maybe zoo. If not sold, would like to exchang

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Captive Bred Ravens for Sale

£600.00  | UK, South East, Surrey
Posted Jul 29, 2014 to Other Raptors

Fully legal, close rung from unrelated parents. Ready second week in may (3 weeks old) for hand rearing and imprinting.

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